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Shower trolley FORELLI

Shower trolley FORELLI

A truly revolutionary shower trolley

Unlike other trolleys, the FORELLI has an additional patented feature using the foot controls which raise the middle of the lying area to turn the patient on to their side to allow easy access to the rear of the patient.

After raising the side panels to ensure safety during transport to the bathing facilities, the FORELLI is then used just as any other ordinary shower trolley to wash the front of the patient.

Electronic foot controls on both sides of the central column raise and lower the trolley to the ideal height, while the same controls lower the side sections of the FORELLI providing a flat surface for easy and comfortable transfer from bed to the ergonomically designed lying area.

Shower trolley FORELLI

Probably the worlds most advanced shower trolley!

  • Easy to disinfect
  • Adjustable stainless steel surface, with folding side screens
  • Soft head pillow
  • Soft mattress that is easy to remove, with recessed run off channels and side reinforcements
  • Intelligent Battery-System with charging station
  • Low battery indicator
  • 4 closed casters, 3 with brakes and one with straight-line stability function
  • Electronic foot controls on both sides
  • Electrically operated height adjustment
  • Motorized adjustment of the laying area
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Shower trolley FORELLI

The shower trolley from Barrier Free Lifts Inc. provides top quality, innovative design and safe functionality

Horizontal drop sides make it is easy to move the patient onto the soft, ergonomically designed trolley bed.

The drop sides of the FORELLI are raised electronically for moving the patient safely to the bath. In this position the FORELLI is used like a conventional shower trolley.

All functions of the FORELLI can be operated using the foot switches on both sides of the chassis. The bed of the FORELLI is raised in the middle to automatically bring the patient into a safe, stable side position.

  • Min./max. lifting height: 650/850 mm / 26/34 in.
  • Bed length: 2090 mm / 83 in.
  • Product weight: 85 kg / 188 lbs.
  • Max. weight for patients: up to 330 lbs. / 150 kg
Further details coming soon
Further details coming soon
Further details coming soon

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